Dr. Maged Mostafa Elbakry completed his M.B.B.CH Faculty of Medicine at Cairo University in 2006. He is currently studying for his International Membership
  • Royal College of General Practitioners (M.R.C.G.P) and International Membership
  • Royal College of Physicians (M.R.C.P). He is A.C.L.S. (advanced cardiac life support) & B.L.S (basic cardiac life support) certified.


Dr. Maged has had over 12 years of experience including Family Medicine and Internal Medicine. He has worked as a General Practitioner for more than 5 years in the UAE and as a Medicine Registrar in one of the most reputed private hospitals in Cairo for more than 5 years. His expertise in Cairo includes managing OPD patients, Internal Medicine and ER.


He completed a United Nations Mission in South Sudan from March 2008 to September 2009 and received a United Nations Medal



Languages Spoken:

Arabic and English

Scope of Services:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of Diabetes mellitus and related disorders
  • Diagnosis, management and follow-up of chronic illnesses and metabolic disorders like Hypertension, Gout and Dyslipidemia
  • Diagnosis and treatment of acute infections (respiratory, gastrointestinal, genitourinary and skin)
  • Diagnosis and treatment of Thyroid diseases
  • Diagnosis and treatment of Bronchial asthma and chest infections
  • Diagnosis, management and follow-up of vitamin deficiencies & anemia
  • Regular checkup, vaccination and preventive medicine
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