Personalized Wellbeing, Rejuvenation
& Anti-Ageing

About PAAR

In PAAR, we complete our clients’ assessments in a personalized manner taking into account different dimensions to provide a holistic view of their health. The human body has a complex metabolism within which different systems work collaboratively to maintain homeostasis. A blockage at one-step may affect chain reactions at different levels. PAAR combines a variety of laboratory tests which all scientifically proven to provide valuable information contribute to longevity and anti-ageing strategies. PAAR testing includes functional health blood, gut health, heavy metal toxicity, genetic tests and more. Our team of experts works together on the findings to support clients in making lasting changes to their lives. Each expert represents one pillar of vitality and longevity.

Paar means ‘transcend’ in Hindi... We strongly believe that one can transcend the limits of longevity, vitality, functionality and youthfulness beyond our limits.

We aim to do this by awakening our body’s innate ability to regenerate, rejuvenate and heal itself. The way we live today keeps these built-in mechanisms permanently switched off leaving us prematurely vulnerable to disease and degeneration.

This awakening is achieved by a personalized anti-ageing and rejuvenation plan. This is derived from latest scientific anti-ageing research as well as the wisdom of ancients to meet the needs of your own body, mind and soul.


Nutrition & General Health

  • Functional Health, Vitamin & Nutrient Deficiency Testing
  • Essential Mineral Balance & Heavy Metal Toxicity Testing
  • Food Intolerance Testing
  • Gut Health Microbiome Testing
  • Live & Dry Blood Analysis
  • Genetic Testing

  • Epigenetic & Biological Age Testing
  • Genetic Testing for Predisposition to Diseases
  • Genetic Test for Nutrition & Fitness Traits
  • Body, Mind & Energy

  • Movement & Postural Alignment
  • Yoga & Pranayama
  • Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Stress Management
  • Hypnotherapy and Reiki

    • Welcome & Goal Setting

    • Tests And Initial Consultations

    • Personalized Plan Preparation & Delivery

    • Follow Up & 21-Day PAAR Support

    • Reassessment after 3- 6 months (partner/central)