What is the Spectra ?

The advanced Spectra Facial Rejuvenation treatment is a gentle yet highly effective laser skincare therapy used to treat a multitude of aesthetic complaints. From wrinkle reduction to the evening of skin tone, treatment of acne. This revolutionary treatment is popular for its incredible rejuvenating qualities. The Spectra Facial Rejuvenation is beneficial due to its fast, non-invasive and safe method of helping you to appear years younger.
This treatment is recommended for people who have Inflammatory Acne, Enlarged Pores, Fine Wrinkles, Oily Skin, Post Inflammatory Hyper-pigmentation, Pigmented lesions, Melasma and Unwanted tattoos.
The Spectra laser system for skin rejuvenation helps to enjoy the normal activities immediately after treatment, with no downtime. The Spectra laser is designed to reduce the risk of any adverse reactions. One can put make up on immediately after the treatment session.
You can return to normal activities straight after your treatment. You will need to ensure that you use SPF 30+ sunblock for any outdoor activities.
The skin can appear slightly red after treatment but that usually disappears within a few hours. In rare cases, some patients may experience itching or swelling for a few days.

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